Debt Solutions

We specialise in advising on restructuring options available to businesses experiencing cashflow problems.

We advise individuals on the options available to them in dealing with debts such as credit card debt, loan arrears, personal guarantees or trading debts.

Corporate Recovery

We specialise in helping struggling businesses return to better times again. Rescue is our top priority. Early consultation ensures we are given the best opportunity to identify the best rescue plan.

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Personal Debt

Debt levels across Northern Ireland have increased rapidly with the property slump, the recession and resultant job losses putting significant financial pressure on household incomes.

At MMC, we have experience in advising individuals in financial difficulty. We will work with you in identifying the most appropriate solution to your financial difficulties, whether that is an informal arrangement with your creditors, an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or bankruptcy.

Whatever the solution, we are here to relieve the pressure, and to help you put your financial difficulties behind you so that you can move on both with your business and personally.

  • Are you worried about meeting your monthly financial obligations following a change in circumstances?
  • Are you in negative equity or worried about losing your home?
  • Have you reached the stage where you receive threatening letters and phone calls from your creditors?


Get Advice – Don’t Wait

Unfortunately, we often find that some individuals leave it so late to ask for assistance with their debt problems that they have missed valuable opportunities. Sometimes a number of options are no longer open to them, especially where property is concerned.