Are you Prepared for BREXIT?

Are you Prepared for BREXIT?

A variety of areas could impact your business post Brexit, to help you prepare for when the transition period ends.

While there is still little certainty around what the UK's exit from the EU will mean on 31st January 2020 means, businesses that sell to and buy from the EU need to have contingency plans in place that are sufficiently flexible to cope with a variety of possible outcomes.

Afterwards, there will be significant changes to business and financial processes. Businesses need to understand how these will impact their processes.

Even small businesses that export or import to the EU will be affected. So, will those employing EU workers, or sending workers to visit EU states. There are also potential implications for receiving data from EU trading partners.

  • - Customs processes
  • - VAT
  • - People and travel
  • - Data protection
  • - Resources
  • - Latest updates

Are you ready?